Fleetwood Fish and Game Association

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Welcome to the Fleetwood Fish & Game Association

The Fleetwood Fish & Game Association was formed in 1935 to provide a safe environment and encourage participation in the various shooting sports. Today's Club, improved and maintained by members, now has safer, beautiful ranges that encourage use and enjoyment of shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery. The Club enjoys a large comfortable clubhouse used for membership meetings, scoring and refreshments for our shotgun matches as well as shooter education through the Hunter Safety program.

We remember that we are the Fleetwood area community and SAFETY is our primary goal with each and every member responsible for their fellow man in the field of safety.

We seek continuing improvement in facilities and participation.

Thank you,
Fleetwood Fish and Game Association

2017 Fleetwood Fish and Game Assn. Officers
President Carl Metz
First Vice President Kim White
Second Vice President John Walsh
Secretary Greg McNulty
Treasurer Dave Ruhf
Membership Secretary Carl Metz
Trustee Jeff Metz
Trustee Tim Rearden
Honorary Trustee Terry Kline

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GOOD NEWS! - All ranges are open!
The enormous size of the equipment and permits needed to legally move it held us hostage for much longer than we were promised.
Water is under the bridge, let the shooting sports resume!
Thanks, everyone, for your understanding.

Small Group Pistol Course - Sept 3, Sept 22 - 8am to 5pm. More info is on the Events page.

Join us for Thursday morning shotgun shoots! Come out and enjoy the beautiful trap range. Visitors, guests and beginning shooters welcome 8-noon.

Come join us on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm for the club meeting!

* * * Watch this space for announcements and club news * * *

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